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NEGRIL HIGHLIGHTS TOUR - (Westmoreland parish)

Take a 4 hour trip of the town, from the farthest end of the beach, all the way down to the end of the cliff road, also called the "West End".

Learn the layout of the town and where to find those special places to eat, shop, relax or party that you've read about on different message boards or in chat rooms or from friends. Pick and choose when and where you want to stop and explore.

Want to stop on the grounds of the lighthouse, watch a sunset from Rick's or Pirate's Cave? Want to learn where to get the best exchange rate for your dollar, pick up groceries, and find the souvenir shop with the best discounts, find out which scooter shop is the most reputable, how to save money on phone calls home or where to get the best rates for e-mail and internet services? Do you want to exlore the original craft market but want someone there with you?
We don't just drop you off and disappear, we're right there with you.

Want to start out in the morning, midday, or sunset ?
You choose the time - this trip is for you!


BENJI'S PARADISE (Westmoreland parish)

Roaring River in Petersfield is part of an estate originally belonging to one of the first British families to settle in Jamaica after the overthrow of the Spanish, back in the 17th century.

Visit Benji's Paradise and Mineral Spring at Roaring River and cool off in the fresh rippling waters amidst this tranquil private paradise. Rasta Benji prepares Ital lunches and fresh fruit juices on request, advance notice is required.



Mayfield Falls and Mineral Springs is a true Jamaican "Garden of Eden", and Jamaica's #1 eco-tourism attraction.

You will be hiking up the Mayfield River, not on land, but in the water! All along the way you will stop to experience natural slides, jacuzzis, underwater tunnels, and diving holes for your swimming pleasure.

When you've had enough, walk back along the footpath and see and learn how different bush plants or tree leaves are still used by some Jamaicans to cure a variety of ailments.

You may also pick and eat any fresh fruits in season that you find along the way. Lunch can be eaten on the grounds of the Falls or at a local restaurant in the capital city of Sav-la-Mar. This is a trip that will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized and yet relaxed.



Take a journey up into the hills above Montego Bay and relax at the Rocklands Bird Feeding Station in a quiet, shady patio surrounded by flowers and creeping vines.

Enjoy the pleasure of hand feeding Jamaica¹s national bird...the Streamer-tailed Hummingbird, as it sips nectar from a ³baby bottle". Hold a handful of millet seeds and watch the finches alight for a snack. For the true bird enthusiasts, a hike of the property to spot other bird species can be arranged.


Bamboo Rafting - (Trelawny parish)

Enjoy the height of relaxation - aboard a bamboo raft.
Take a one hour to one and a half hour cruise down the Martha Brae River and listen to stories of the valley and Jamaican life from your 'pole man' as he steers you down the tranquil green waters.

Close your eyes and soak in the quiet of nature's sounds. Take a dip in the water if you like.

Beautiful carved calabash gourds offered by your "pole man" can make a welcome memory piece to take home with you if you wish to purchase one.


GLISTENING WATERS - (Trelawny parish)

Take a short boat ride in a lagoon where the water glows when it's disturbed by the boat engine or fish swimming past. Watch your body glow with an other-worldly white light as you swim in the nighttime waters. Only 3 other places like this exist in the world. Jamaica's Luminous Lagoon, located in Trelawny, is the largest - don't miss this one!


BOB MARLEY 9 MILE TOUR (St. Ann's parish)

Pay a visit to the birthplace, and final resting grounds of Bob Marley, in the Cockpit regions south of Brown's Town.

Rastafarian guides conduct the tour, from them you will hear of Bob's childhood and lifestyle. See Mt. Zion Rock, the inspiration stone where Marley sat while learning to play the guitar.
Visit the church where his mausoleum is located to pay your respects.

A small museum shop offers Marley goods.


YS FALLS TOUR - (ST. Elizabeth parish)

These falls are on the grounds of a family farm, in the foothills of the Nassau Mountains. You'll see their prizewinning racehorses and Red Poll Cattle as you enter.

Climb aboard a tram that will carry you through fields of giant fruit and hardwood trees into a corner of the valley where the Y.S. River tumbles down four cascading steps into pools of cool water. Take a swim; jump from the hanging rope swing, or crawl behind the falls into a small cave. When the river is high enough, try an inner-tube ride down river. If you're feeling especially adventurous, treat yourself to a Zip-line Canopy Ride overlooking the falls and river.


APPLETON RUM ESTATE TOUR - (St. Elizabeth parish)

On this trip, you'll discover why Jamaica is famous for rum.
See how the golden amber liquid so many people enjoy winds up in the bottle, when it originally started as a stalk of sugar cane.

You take a guided tour of the distillery, crush some cane the old fashioned Jamaican way, browse in the museum to see the tools our Jamaican grandfather's used, then get to sample the many rums and rum creams that are made by the Appleton Estate. There is also a gift shop on the premises.


TREASURE BEACH TOUR - SOUTH COAST - (St. Elizabeth parish)

A dark sand beach, sometimes with body surfing waves, this is a beach town area without commercial tourism.

There is one small grocery shop and a bakery. Small trucks ply the community every day with fresh fruit and vegetables. This area is quite unlike any other part of Jamaica and is still considered relatively unvisited by tourists. The people of "St. Beth" are warm and welcoming and you will be less hassled by beach higglers than other tourist destinations. See what it might be like to spend time in a community that will let you totally unwind, de-stress, and relearn the value of connecting with people.

Lovers Leap, a beautiful spot named after a slave and his lover who jumped off the cliff in despair, lets you stand about the cloud level many a time, and on a clear day, you can look out at the horizon and actually see the curvature of the earth.


BLACK RIVER SAFARI - Basic or Deluxe? - (St. Elizabeth parish)

Basic: Ride a pontoon craft, or a wooden fishing boat, and travel for an hour and a half or more, (depending on the vessel) up 4 - 7 miles of the Black River, an area that some say reminds them of the Florida Everglades or something straight out of Huckleberry Finn.

Feast your eyes on delicate blooming flowers and some of the 100 species of birds that make this area their home. See crocodiles basking on the river logs in the heat of the day, or submerging themselves coyly from probing eyes. Perhaps you'll catch sight of a local fishermen in his dugout canoes returning from checking his shrimp traps, or meet a spear fisherman sharing the croc's watery world as both hunt for a fresh fish meal. This trip is not for those who need high energy excitement, but rather those who seek peace, serenity and knowledge of this most important river.

Stop in Scott's Cove, a corner famous for its fish and bammy, boiled corn, fish tea (soup) and sweet fried festival for popular Jamaican food treats!

Deluxe: If choosing to do the Black River Deluxe tour, you will start in Treasure Beach, ride with a fisherman who will most be able to site and follow wild dolphins, before taking you to the Pelican Bar for a cold drink or a bit of swimming, before heading up the Black River.


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